Real-time, One-on-One Chat

No more waiting to see what is next. Now allows you to have interactive conversations instead of sequential conversations.

Voice Recording & Images

Share images and voice records with friends and family. Record up to 30 seconds with playback options.

Group Chat

Unlimited participants with real-time relay of conversations between friends.

Secured Messaging

Secured messages sent between friends and family with no messages kept on servers

Profile Preview

Profile Views

Shows how popular you are amongst your friends and family.


Simple interface to manage a list of people you relate to on a daily basis.


Visibility to the numbers of individuals that are available to talk to in real-time.

Simple Profile Page

Quick view to your overall profile information.

Shortcut to Start Conversations

Launch into a conversation with favorites without hassle.

Other features

Many more features to come in the future.

Messaging Features

Continuous Conversations

Have conversations without typing long sentences due to sequential messaging.

All Conversations in One Place

Receive SMS & MMS with your real-time messages all in one message history.

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